Why study Economics at WSB University in Warsaw?

  • If you want to work in business or cooperate with it, studies in this field will help you implement this plan. An economist is a specialist in the field of managing financial, human and material resources. You can run your own business, work as an analyst in enterprises and consulting institutions.

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  • The dynamic changes in the markets make making decisions in the enterprise extremely difficult and time-consuming. In our studies, you learn how to use various methods and tools to improve economic decision-making. You learn about modern IT tools used in business. In class, you meet lecturers with extensive teaching and business experience.
  • You will gain economic knowledge which you will be able to employ both at work and in everyday life
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about modern IT tools used in business.
  • You gain skills that will help you become an effective manager
  • You learn how to manage a company or its particular units
  • You study under the guidance of experts from various areas of economic sciences
  • You will be able to understand digital marketing
  • You will learn e-marketing services
  • You will master business English
  • You will be able to use marketing tools for achieving your goals
  • You will learn the principles of communication including digital communication in a multicultural environment
Classes with experts
Uścisk dłoni
Internship in companies
Interdisciplinary program

What will you learn during your studies?

To analyze and interpret economic data on a micro and macro scale
Manage business projects and evaluate their effectiveness
To identify and moderate risks related to business activity
Prepare reports
Use specialized industry software
Calculate the risk and manage it effectively

Key program features

Selected modules

  • Business Communicattion
  • Customer Behavior
  • International Logistics
  • International Finance
  • International Law
  • Corporate Governance
Show component courses

Career opportunities

  • specialist in an international company
  • specialist for international contacts
  • international consultant
  • specialist in international outsourcing centers
  • specialist in a public agency dealing with international entities e.g. Regional Development Agency
  • specialist in international institutions and organizations
  • owner of a company operating on an international scale
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