Master's degree for graduates of all fields of study

We know that many of our students have jobs, families, duties or absorbing hobbies. Therefore we make sure that our study programs are designed the way it makes it possible for our students to not only acquire necessary knowledge and skills but also combine studies with private life.


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Master's degree

It takes two years (4 semesters) to complete a master’s degree program. To complete a program you have to defend your master’s thesis. 

Upon completion of the program you are awarded a master’s degree. A master’s degree has a real impact on your salary in the future, therefore it worth investing in further education.

Why is it worth study at WSB University?

You earn a master’s degree from a university that is highly valued by employers
Uścisk dłoni
New contacts with people who interested to develope in the similar field.
You gain a second profession or additional skills required in your workplace.
Your study program is tailored to the labor market requirements.

Transfer to WSB University

Are you a student - but your course of study is not exactly what you expected? Are you considering changing universities? Or maybe the field of study that you originally chose was not your best shot? Try again and become a student of WSB University!

Transferring from another university

Regardless of which field of study and at which university you have been studying, this offer is for you. Remember that it is possible to be accepted for a semester higher than the first semester if the field of study you want to transfer to is compatible with the field of study you are currently studying.


Choose the field of study that is right for you:



The transfer process - step by step

  • Submit an application to our Recruitment Office.
  • Attach the list of grades and subjects certified by the university, containing information about the subjects you have completed (including the number of hours of classes, forms of classes, forms of credit, ECTS points) and periods of study. The list of grades and subjects in the semester format should contain information on how many semesters / years of study you have completed.
  • The decision to transfer is made by the Dean. It determines the semester/year of studies to which you can transfer, determines the subjects that should be completed and defines the date of their completion.
  • After the Dean's positive decision, the Admissions Office will contact you with a request to provide a complete set of recruitment documents.
  • After receiving the consent to transfer, you will be paying the study fee in accordance with the applicable fee regulations for a given year.