Warsaw, as any other European capital, offers a wide range of housing options. While moving to a new country is exciting, looking for an affordable place to stay may seem quite daunting. What we recommend is to book a room in a hostel for a short period of time, and while staying there, look for appropriate accommodation in a student dorm or a shared apartment. In order to make this process easier for you, we've prepared a list of options: for those on a tight budget and those who can spend a couple of zlotys more.

Which area?

Our main building is located on Łabiszyńska Street which belongs to the Targówek district. Targówek is located in the north-east of the city and borders with Praga Północ - one of a few districts in Warsaw that survived the devastation of WW2. Within the Targówek district you can distinguish the following neighbourhoods: Targówek Mieszkaniowy, Targówek Fabryczny, Bródno, Bródno Podgrodzie, Zacisze, Elsnerów and Utrata. In the heart of Targówek Mieszkaniowy you will find a newly opened subway station from which you can reach the city centre in just 18 minutes!

We suggest that you look for housing options in this area as it is close to where your classes will be held, and compared to the left bank districts, the apartments are reasonably priced.

Hotels and hostels

Unless you have a friend who will let you crush on his couch, you can stay in a hostel or a hotel for a first few weeks in Warsaw. An average price for a bed in a shared hostel room is about 35-60PLN per night. Hotels in Warsaw are more expensive, but if you stay away from the centre, you can find options for 80-150PLN per night. Remember to check hostel’s rating and reviews and avoid places with the average review score of 6,0 and below. The most commonly used booking websites are:

Shared apartments

During the Orientation Week you will get the chance to meet other students from abroad who might share a private flat with you. Facebook is also an invaluable source for apartment hunting; there are plenty of groups such as “Accommodation in Warsaw (ESN official group)”, “FOREIGNERS WARSAW / FLATS / ACCOMODATION” or “Accommodation in Warsaw”. You could join one of these groups before leaving your country so that you know what to expect in terms of pricing. An average price for a single room in Warsaw varies from 600 to 1200PLN depending on the district. For a double room you’ll have to pay 500-900PLN. A three room apartment in Targówek will cost you around 2000-2500PLN. Bear in mind that “mieszkanie dwupokojowe” which in Polish means “double-room apartment” is an apartment where you’ll find two separate bedrooms but no additional living space such as a living room. If you want an apartment with two bedrooms and a living room you need to look for “mieszkanie trzypokojowe” (three-room apartment).

IMPORTANT! Usually landlords charge a tenant a security deposit at the cost of one or two month’s rent. Deposits are fully refundable unless you cause a damage to the property. Remember to always ask for a receipt!

Student dorms

WSB universities do not have their own dormitories, however, you can rent a room in a dormitory of some other university that WSB in Warsaw has partnership agreement with.  If you want to book a place in a dorm, please write to the Admission Office ( at least 2 weeks before your planned arrival. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee a place for everyone therefore we work on a first come first served basis. Check available options here:

Akademik Praski

Osiedle Przyjaźń

Student House

Student Depot

We’re going to have some additional rooms at our disposal offered by state universities, however, the number od beds and the location will be available only at the end of September.