Comfortable teaching and learning facilities

We do realize that the quality of study experience largely depends on teaching infrastructure. Hence, we modernize our facilities each year in an effort to meet your evolving needs. The WSB University makes sure that you study in state-of-the-art computer labs and multimedia-ready classrooms, and that you can relax in comfortable rest areas. The building are also adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities.

In from of our university you will find Turmoncka bus stations for 6 bus lines. There is also a tram line with the Annopol loop and the PKP Toruńska railway station in the area.


  1. Welcome to WSB University in Warsaw

We deliver classes in two locations within the district of Targówek.  


Ul. Łabiszyńska 25 (25 Łabiszyńska Street), the main building where you can find:

  • University authorities’ offices
  • Admissions Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Career Services Office
  • Library


Ul. Oszmiańska 23/25 (23/25 Oszmiańska Street) – our brand new facility

  • absolutely unique and impressive building with modern classrooms and lecture halls. Here you can visit a student information point open every Saturtday.

We try to schedule classes and lectures in such a way so that our students will not have to move from one location to another. Yet if this happens it is quite easy to get from one place to another by public transportation or by car. 

Great study programs, incredible time, best memories

A study period is an incredible time.  Time for learning, for fun, for gaining independence, for taking first responsibilities. During your studies you can spread your wings and consciously shape your personality. At WSB you will be able to do that easily and focus on what is really important.
On campus:

  • you will have access to Wi-Fi
  • during breaks you will unwind in specially designed  relaxation zones
  • you will find vending  machines with drinks and snacks, and a bar where you will have warm meals at a good price
  • you will photocopy your notes and have them scanned in easily accessible places.

Why study at WSB?

Lectures and classes are like journeys to unknown lands. We learn from academics, experts, guest speakers, and from one another.
We learn through interaction. In workshops we argue with one another, shout out loud in agreement or disagreement, draw in pencil, paint in color, and write in ink. We use flashcards, sticky notes, and huge white charts. There are no silly questions or bad ideas.
University years are the best time to make friends for life. You spend days on campus, studying, talking, sharing work experiences, pursuing passions in student societies. And you spend your evenings having fun together.
Our teachers are professionals and you can trust them absolutely. They assists us and support us in exploring new issues and new areas, no matter how difficult and complicated they might be.
You will appreciate the support that our University gives you in your job market entry. The Careers Office staff do their best to meet your expectations, and the teachers do try to understand your needs at all times. It makes it so much easier to combine work with study.
Life isn’t all about work and study. Private life is no less important. Family reunions and get-togethers, trips and journeys, hobbies and passions – are what constitutes us as humans and what we can share across the student community.