Master's degree

Master's degree for graduates of all fields of study

Our second-cycle degree programs allow you to further develop your skills and competences. Many of our students pursue second-cycle programs in a field that is not directly related to that of their first-cycle degree. In that way, they can extend their area of professional expertise and hence enhance their employability.

Master’s degree

It takes two years (4 semesters) to complete a master’s degree program. To complete a program you have to defend your master’s thesis. Upon completion of the program you are awarded a master’s degree. A master’s degree has a real impact on your salary in the future, therefore it worth investing in further education.

Tuition fees: Master's - 2000 - 2500 Euro per year

Auditing student

You don’t have to wait until the defense examination of your bachelor’s thesis to start your master’s degree program. Don’t waste time and sign up for a master’s degree program now. You can attend all classes as an AUDITING STUDENT. Once you earn a bachelor’s degree you will be able to carry out the formalities and you will become a fully-fledged student of WSB University.