The program

This year’s seminar is its fifth edition. Until the day of the seminar the program is indicative and may change.

  • Ewa Kiryluk-Dryjska (Poznan University): Anticipating changes in the EU Common Agricultural Policy Using the Theory of Moves
  • Mateusz Sitarczyk (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology): The impact of the collective members’ independence on the prediction accuracy
  • Encarnacion Algaba (Universidad de Sevilla): Allocating when the economic and political power are considered
  • Joost Platje (WSB University in Wroclaw): Early Warning Systems for non-linear threats to sustainable development
  • Paweł Zawiślak (SGH University Warsaw): Structure of  voting of jurors in some classical music competition
  • Janusz Łyko (Economic University Wroclaw): Transfer order in allocation problems
  • Tomasz Wachowicz (Economic University in Katowice): Holistic vs. direct preference elicitation in negotiation support system 
  • Manfred Holler (Hamburg University): Some Strategic Decision Problems in Networks
  • Hannu Nurmi (Turku University): Pairwise voting rules in restricted domains
  • David Ramsey (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology): Group Decision Making based on Online and Offline Information
  • Gianfranco Gambarelli (University of Bergamo): Bi-proportional apportionments
  • Cezary Orlowski (WSB University in Gdansk): Decision-driven Model for Building IoT Architecture 
  • Vito Fragnelli (University of Southern Piedmont): More security or more freedom? A comparative analysis of the equilibrium in European democratic regimes.
  • Daria Boratyn (Jagiellonian University): Average weights and power in weighted voting games 
  • Izabella Stach (AGH University, Cracow): An approach to measure power of mutual connections in corporate shareholding structures
  • Dariusz Stolicki (Jagiellonian University): Generalized Brexit: effects of player exit on voting power under weighted voting systems
  • Anna Khmelnitskaya (Saint-Petersburg State University): The average tree value for graph games with main players and application to hub and spoke models

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More details: