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Customer service WSB Gdańsk - Studia podyplomowe

2 semestry naukirekrutacja zakończonanowość
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The market is changing faster than our approach to it. Companies need innovation not only in technology, but also in the role of the Customer Service department to build a company’s competitive edge. Effective sales mean continuous use of customer insights and opinions to create products and services that will meet customer needs. Increase your self-empowerment and build long-term relationships with clients using the offer of post-graduate studies with Customer Service.
„Professional and modern customer service is a challenge facing every company aspiring to succeed. how to achieve this? Is it possible to „furnishing imagination” customer in such a way for your company to be associated with good emotions Customer? I invite you to study in a field that shows modern solutions in sales management, inspires the experience of invited experts and teaches you what mistakes you do not do. With strong coaching staff, we will bring a change in your professional life”.
Magdalena Sadowska- Pawlak
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The main goal of post-graduate studies in Customer Service is to provide attendees with required knowledge, skills and mindset to work as a professional Customer Service in organizational  environment and as well to prepare students for more effective sales activities on foreign markets.
  • Students will learn the specifics of the operation of foreign markets (European Union, America, Asia).
  • Students will learn how to identify customers’ requirements and manage their expectations and respond appropriately to them.
  • Students will gain the skills necessary in the sales department and in building long-term customer loyalty and trust.
  • Students will learn how to improve the operational and strategic activities of the customer service department.
  • Students will know how to identify key customers and how to manage contacts with them, as well as how to cooperate with commercial networks.
  • Students will learn how to use new technologies in developing sales channels in reaching customers
  • Students will learn  how to develop the skills of perceiving the situation from the perspective of the client and his needs.
  • Students will practice the English language used in customer service (Use effective power phrases to gain appointments, use language that gets customer excited).
  • Students will learn how to appeal to customers’ needs, interests and desires.
  • Students will learn how maintain a positive attitude toward customer service.
Studies are designed for employees of  Customer Service Department, people who want to work more effectively on foreign markets, employees aspiring  to  increase effective activities on the sales market, people interested in the subject of studies, anyone who wants to develop new business through successful customer service.
Program kierunku: 

9 months 212 hours 11 sessions

Customer Profile (24 hours)

  • Where to play: Assess customer operating model and priorities. Decision making process  (12 hrs)

  • How to Excel: Initiatives and Prioritization (8 hrs)

  • Implementation process – Action Plan  (4 hrs)

Contact with the client (20 hours)

  • How to organize an effective meeting with a client (4 hrs)

  • Professional online contact: proper emailing , effective phone call, online communication – Webex TC  (8 hrs)

  • Developing and creating effective product and service presentations (8 hrs)

Customer Focused Interaction (16 hours)

  • Establishing a contact for the business performance (4 hrs)

  • Presenting the offer  how to  become an influencer (4 hrs)

  • Handling  objections and problem solving (8 hrs)

Experts in action (32 hours)

  • Business concept for global market (8 hrs)

  • Market research in sales (8 hrs)

  • Best practices sharing. Meetings with experts  (16 hrs)

Emotional management (20 hours)

  • Emotional Intelligence in business (8 hrs)

  • Managing difficult customer and  difficult situations – self-, organizational-, market-, social trust (4 hrs)

  • Steps to handle Customer Complaints (8 hrs)

Executive Negotiations (20 hours)

  • Deadlock in negotiation and overcoming it (8 hrs)

  • Negotiation strategies and  value proposition (4 hrs)

  • High-leverage principles and strategies to change the behavior of individuals (8 hrs)

International Business Law and Its Environment (28 hours)

  • Regulations of national and EU law on business transactions (12 hrs)

  • Potential limitation due to law regulations (8 hrs)

  • Disputed situations between entrepreneurs and in relation to the consumer (8 hrs)

Finance on sale (28 hours)

  • Price management (4 hrs)

  • Profitability, work on margins (8 hrs)

  • Business  and financial acumen (8 hrs)

  • Execution Excellence: cost of  your projects (8 hrs)

Modern technologies in operating model (16 hours)

  • New sales channels – Multi - Chanel Management  (MCM) the evolution of your business (8 hrs)

  • An effective Social Media strategy (8 hrs)

Project (8 hours)

  • Seminar (8 hrs)

Form of credit: two semestral tests and final exam involving the defense of  the project.

Płatność może być rozłożona na 8, 2 lub 1 ratę.

Nie czekaj, wypełnij formularz i zgłoś się już dziś.
Zapisując się do 16 października a zyskujesz 550 zł:

  • 300 zł  dzięki zniżce w czesnym,
  • 250 zł dzięki zniżce w opłacie wpisowej - 150 zł zamiast 400 zł.

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