What you need to become a WSB student

Applicants are admitted on a first-come first-served basis, if the appllicant continues to meet the conditions specified in paragraph 3 point 13 of Admissions Principles. If you are to complete your secondary education this year, or you are studying for your first degree but have not yet earned it, you can secure a place with us by signing up online. Your educational service contract can be drawn up later as you have collected all of the required documents.

How to sign up for a degree program


Select your program 

  • Explore the descriptions of available degree programs and choose the WSB location and the program of your preference. 
  • Fill in the online form in our website. The system will automatically generate most of the documents that you need to file. When the sign-up process is complete, the documents will be forwarded to the e-mail address you have provided. The system will guide through the process, informing you of any other documents you must collect and submit, and warning you of deadlines approaching. The form can be filled in Polish, English or Russian. It is up to you to select your language. 
  • Applicants are admitted on a first-come first-served basis – the sooner you file all documents, the greater the chances you will get a place.

Collect required documents and pay admission fee 


Make sure you have collected all the documents that are required, and that your payment of admission fee
has arrived into our bank account. To see the complete list of required documents,  go to the website.

Use a bank transfer to pay the admission fee and send in a confirmation of your payment. Please make sure
that the applicant’s full (first and last) name and address appear the confirmation. 

Bank transfer details


A non-refundable admission fee of €100 (no less than 400PLN) is charged of all internationals applying
for admission into WSB degree programs. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact of our  Admission Office.


Submit your documents to Admissions


Submit recruitment documents to Admission Office

Make sure you collected all the required documents and the admission fee has been credited to our bank

You may be asked to submit other required documents for admission to studies that are based on recruitment and legal regulations. Should this be the case, we will inform you.

For preliminary verification, send us completed and scanned documents to the address studyinenglish@wsb.wroclaw.pl

Notice: In order to get admitted to the university, it is necessary to provide us with the required documents
by post, courier or in person.

If it is difficult or impossible to collect all the required documents at one time, contact the Admission
Office. Send us the documents you already have and let us know when you will provide us with the missing ones.

In case of any questions, doubts or problems, you do not need to worry. Our Admission Office will provide
you with all necessary information and assistance through the process of recruitment.

What is more, our Admission Office encourages you to ask questions on our on-call time on WhatsApp and Viber.


For English and Polish call | +48 666345187

  • Monday 13:00-15:00
  • Friday 13:00-15:00

For Polish, Russian and Ukrainian call | +48 660506805

  • Tuesday 10:00-12:00
  • Thursday 10:00-12:00

  Complete the documents later
If you do not manage to collect all the documents, the missing documents can be sent by post, by courier or to the Inpost parcel locker located at the University.
When sending documents to a parcel locker, provide the number of the parcel locker WRO109M and the telephone number +48 532 541 134.



Congratulations! You will start studying at our university from October!

After submitting the complete set of documents you will receive access to the extranet before the first classes, where you can check schedule of your first and next classes, necessary information and applications as well as contact to our university's departments.

Explore the Students tab to check the details of how things are done when you are a WSB student, and to
see what student organizations you will be able to join

Contact us

Admission Office for Foreigners and the English Language Studies

ul. Fabryczna 29-31

Tel.: +48 71 376 23 68, +48 660 506 805 for Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, +48 666 345 187 for Polish, English

E-mail: studyinenglish@wsb.wroclaw.pl

Opening hours

monday: 08:00-16:00
tuesday: 08:00-16:00
wednesday: 08:00-16:00
thursday: 08:00-16:00
friday: 08:00-16:00