“Pandemic as a Catalyst for Change - science, business, society”.

International Conference “Pandemic as a Catalyst for Change - science, business, society”. The pandemic has changed a lot in every aspect of our lives. Many of us try to understand the mechanisms of people functioning in conditions of uncertainty, anxiety or relational and communication limitations. It is knowledge that will allow you to prepare for the future, both due to the likely recurrence of the pandemic, but even more so - for similar crisis experiences.

Conference Pandemic

When? Where?

WSB University in Warsaw invites you to a scientific conference

Pandemic as a Catalyst for Change

June 29, from 9:00 a.m


Participation is free of charge.

Why should you join us?

During the conference, we will answer, among others to such questions as:

  • How to analyze people's experience in situations of mass and chronic crisis?
  • What are the most effective ways to deal with human, technological or organizational problems in a crisis such as a pandemic?
  • What connects and what makes people from diverse cultural contexts different in responding to crisis situations such as COVID?
  • How can people, teams, organizations and even entire societies be prepared to better cope with such emergencies?

Who can join us?

We invite scientists, students and practitioners who are thinking about the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of the functioning of universities, societies in various cultural contexts and organizations, especially business ones, to participate in the conference.


Each of the three sessions begins with the presentation of reliable data and research results, adequately dedicated to experiencing COVID, supplemented by interviews with company managers.

The conference will be conducted entirely in English.