Last months have become an unprecedented test for all of us. Suddenly, in mid-March due to the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland, all classes in our country were suspended. We had to react quickly and rise to the challenge! We have managed, thanks to the cooperation and commitment of lecturers, students and the rest of WSB staff. WSB University in Gdańsk, as the first, conducted weekend online classes (14-15 March). Our students had 1500 hours of online classes using the ClickMeeting, a streaming platform.

Online classes in practice

Since then, lecturers and students from the rest of our universities have used a variety of Internet platforms to continue online education. Thanks to: Moodle, Zoom, MS TEAMS and Google Hangouts Meet we have been connected, although, stayed apart. Webinars, workshops, lectures, discussions, case studies, even work groups – we have proved that online education has had different shades. In May we conducted 99,7% of scheduled classes, that is, 45 425 hours. In June we conducted 100,39% of scheduled classes (the outcome includes classes from prior months conducted in June), that is, 51 383 hours. Our students have shown great responsibility and understanding and attended online classes eagerly. As our recent opinion survey shows, the vast majority of students is satisfied with the quality of this education.

We react in advance

 We always think about the future of our students, therefore, we have implemented a special strategic project “Online education” in order to organize online classes in October, if necessary. We have been prepared to conduct classes in both forms: traditional and online. For the time being, we await the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland.

We are aware that a sense of community during online classes keeps students engaged in activities. Our teachers have given lectures and also encourage discussing and solving problems together.
Teachers working from home have been in contact with students during workshops or lectures.
Our Career Offices, Admissions Offices, Registrar’s Offices and other departments were eager to help students online. Nowadays, offices are open again and work regularly following safety rules.
By supporting and motivating each other, members of the WSB University community have managed to face up to the challenge and implement the program of studies. At WSB Universities students have defended their thesis online.
Our students were taking part in actions in social media: #stayhome, #stayhealthy, #wearamask and many more.
We have organized different activities: online courses, webinars, trainings, live transmissions on various topics in order to provide very good level of education.