Study and work

Our studies are designed for those who combine studies and work. If you are a part-time student you study only on Saturday and Sunday. If you are a full-time student you study 4 days a week only. We also try to make sure that your class schedule is optimal and does not have too long breaks.

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Invest in good studies

We provide the best teaching staff, spacious classrooms and lecture halls, breakout areas, access to multimedia equipment and facilities, access to rich library resources, and an opportunity to study at our partner universities abroad. On the premises of the university you have unlimited access to the Internet.

Gain useful skills

 What you study must be useful at work. We design our study programs and specializations by carefully observing and responding to the labor market needs. We consult our curricula with specialists employed in a specific industry. It is they who know best what skills students should acquire in order to be successful in finding their dream jobs. Quite a large number of courses are delivered with the use of case studies in the form of workshops during which the students solve real-life problems occurring in the business environment. This is how you gain qualifications that your prospective employers will demand.

Improve your competencies

As a WSB student you may attend free training courses and workshops. The workshops and training courses will help you learn:

  • speed learning techniques
  • self-presentation methods
  • stress management techniques
  • time management techniques
  • application Dos and Don’ts

On foreign  language courses you will improve your linguistic skills. In student scientific societies you will be able to do your first academic projects.

study and work