WSB Universities across Poland

The WSB Universities make up Poland’s largest group of private institutions of higher education. Our history began more than 20 years ago with the establishment of the WSB University in Poznań. Subsequent years saw the foundation of further WSB Universities, extending our presence to 11 locations – in 11 major cities across Poland:

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Growing and getting better all the time!

We do our best to ensure that our range of quality educational products meets the expectations of students and employers.
We deliver a total of 455 study majors in all of our Bachelor’s, Engineer’s, Master’s programs, alongside a portfolio of 370 diverse postgraduate courses.
We collaborate with more than 170 partner institutions of higher learning from Europe, Asia, and the USA.
Under international exchange and mobility programs, our students are hosted by foreign universities, do internships and practical placements abroad, or engage in international experience sharing.
We are involved in partnerships with more than 6000 businesses throughout the country and beyond. Our students benefit from a rich choice of internships and work placements, while employers have a say in designing our curricula and can share their professional expertise in the university classroom.
Our strong position in the tertiary education market allows us to grow through mergers with, and acquisitions of, other institutions.