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At the beginning of December, the winter intake to the  Universities began. This is a chance for all those who did not have enough time to start their studies in October. Classes for students who decide to study in the winter will begin in March 2019.
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How to enrol at WSB University in Toruń?

studenciStep 1.

Contact us by e-mail: Write your name, surname, faculty you are interested in and attach the scan of your passport.

Step 2.

Register for your studies through our website, after the admissions period has started (it officially begins: Winter intake: 1st of January; Summer intake: 1st of April ).

Step 3.

Send us all the necessary documents (scans) and pay enrollment fee (All foreign students are obliged to pay the enrollment fee PLN 400), and wait for the official invitation to studies.

Step 4.

Having received the official invitation and the invoice, pay the tuition fee and submit the documents for a student visa type D.

Step 5.

Come to Toruń or Bydgoszcz and bring all the original copies of the documents to the Admissions Office.

Step 6.

Start your studies and enjoy the life in the best cities for students in Poland!


The necessary documents:

  • An application for admission to studies (available on our website since 1st of January (Winter intake) or 1st of April (Summer intake)
  • two colour photos (for documents)
  • A photocopy of a maturity certificate / a diploma with a supplement, certified translation of the certificate/diploma (done in Poland or by Polish Council), a maturity certificate/diploma affixed with Apostille
  • nostrification of a maturity certificate or diploma if needed
  • a photocopy of the passport (if owned)*
  • a photocopy of a visa or Residence Permit (if owned)*
  • a photocopy of a Polish Card (if owned)*
  • A photocopy of an insurance policy with a translation into Polish* or a statement about joining the National Health Fund
  • A photocopy of a doctor’s certificate including its certified translation into Polish*
  • A photocopy of a language certificate (B1 for Bachelor degree studies, B2 for Master degree studies)
  • An oath
  • 2 copies of an agreement on providing educational services 
  • an application for a place in the dormitory - if needed
  • the proof of administrative  fee payment – 400PLN

* (an original copy for inspection)

Sworn translation of the documents: all documents concerning education have to be translated into Polish by a sworn (accredited) translator registered in the Record of Sworn Translators, or the documents have to be translated (or certified if already translated) by the Consul of the Republic of Poland having jurisdiction over the area in question.

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