NAWA - Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

The following courses offered by the WSB University in Poznań are a part of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange - SPINAKER - Intensive International Education Programs. The program is financed under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program.




Develop the competences of the future in Poland!

The world needs people with appropriate competences who are adaptable, able to improve existing solutions and learn throughout their lives.


The development of key competences of the future will allow consolidating knowledge, improving qualifications, gaining skills and experience.
It will also help adopt the right attitude to achieve success and efficiency in innovative implementation of ideas.

We have prepared e-learning courses for you from which you will learn that:

Creativity in business is like a roller coaster
– it's a lot of fun.
International communication is like a road full of landmines
– you need to know how to avoid them.
Key managerial competences are like a jigsaw puzzle
– missing one piece affects the whole picture.
The art of persuasion is a magic
- needed not only in politics or advertising but also in business.
Conflict resolution is a skill
- like defusing landmines before they explode.
You have to be Yoda-like
- and know a lot of tools to manage projects efficiently.

See how you can develop the competences of the future:

Come and learn more by online courses and workshops in the field of: