Polish language courses at WSB University in Poznań

Polish language course for students in degree programs taught in English

  • A1 level
  • 180 class hours, including 30 hours in field trips (e.g. sightseeing in the Old City; visits to Porta Posnania, the Historical Poznan Miniature Models, the Croissant Museum; an outing to the cinema/theater) 
  • Classes scheduled Monday through Friday afternoon, 3 class hours per day, totaling 15 hours weekly 
  • Award of a certificate of A1 level Polish course completion based on attendance record (80% or higher required). 

Duration: July 2 to September 28, 2018
Price per person: EUR 500
Venue: WSB University in Poznań, BR 
Building, 2a Powstańców Wielkopolskich 
street, 61-Poznań, Polandd
Contact person:
Ms Małgorzata Żórawna  
email: malgorzata.zorawna@wsb.poznan.pl 
phone: +48 698 119 300