We do want to know how our students and alumni see us. Each year we conduct a study called the BAM (Brand Attributes Survey) to find out what they like about our degree programs and what could be improved. We ask them to tell us what they think of curriculum content and organization, how they rate the quality of our services, and how their job satisfaction has changed after graduation. Notably, the survey involves employers, too. Their perceptions help us make sure that our graduates learn skills demanded in the labor market. We look at all survey responses to discover how our services can be even better aligned with the needs of employers and job seekers.

Our top performance and excellent outcomes are acknowledged by independent evaluators –renowned institutions, agencies, periodicals, etc. Visit our local websites to read more about our places in rankings as well as about the honors and distinctions that each of the WSB Universities has received. 

Opinion of students, graduates, and employers about WSB Universities

Take a look at the survey on the opinions of WSB Universities’ students and graduates conducted between November and December of 2020 by TEB Akademia sp. z o.o. Centre for the Development of Tertiary Schools for WSB Universities. Sample N = 1.866 graduates of first and second cycle studies.


Studying at WSB Universities translates into a boost of one’s professional situation

Studies at WSB Universities – recommended by graduates

Employers rank WSB Universities highly

Tertiary education at WSB Universities is a good choice

Postgraduate programs at WSB Universities?

Excellent choice!

Interesting classes with reliables tutors and excellent student service

WSB graduates highly appreciate the completed studies