Grow your passions

Student days are one of the most beautiful periods in life.It is the time when you meet your best friends, find great love, and make decisions onyour career. At university, somewhere between cramming for the exams, attending the lectures, and taking part in workshops and practicals, you do need to find time for that vibrant and remarkable student life.

Numerous studentorganisationsfunctioning at WSB University with the Student Council at the helm, constitutean excellent opportunity to gain new experiences and implement new and inspiring projects. On the way, you can meet fantastic people; university pals frequently turn into lifelong friends.

Student Council

The Student Council Board is a body run by students. Its primary purpose is to represent the students’ interests to the University authorities;introduce important student projects; recommendthe changes in the University regulations; and above all,organises remarkable events, exhibitions and stimulating meetings.

Is it worth being in the Student Council?

For sure! It is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in teamwork during your studies and put your mentoring and organisational skills into practice. After all, the employers are continually looking for creative and entrepreneurial people, so you have the perfect opportunity to practice these qualities. Besides, acting in Student Councilcreates a chance to participate in various types of seminars and conferences, so you raise your qualifications just like that.

Studies are fun too, which is why every year the Council,together with other local universities, co-organizes Neptunalia, thelargest student festival in Tri-city, bursting with concerts and many other exciting events. The Student Council is also responsible for various integration events for WSB University students, such as for the annualinitiation ceremony for the first-year students, which is like Hell Week condensed in a few hours.

Contact or visit us:

WSB University Student Council

Gdańsk, al. Grunwaldzka 238A, room 302A

Gdynia, ul. Śląska 35/37, room 115


Student Research Clubs

The Clubs active at our University enable you todevelop your interests and passions related to the field that interests you most and frequently is commented with your major. What is more, you have a chance to take an active part in conferences and academic seminars. During those sessions, you can present the results ofyour research and meet outstanding professors and practitioners in the realm of business economy.

Have a look and pick something that matches your taste:

  • Streamline Logistics
  • SOS WSB (Student Social Responsibility)
  • Psychology in business
  • WSB CODE & StartUp
  • WSB TV
  • BJN (Bezpieczeństwo jest najważniejsze – Safety is fundamental)
  • Personal Development Academy
  • Criminal Law
  • Student Legal Service
  • Razem Young Special Educators CLub
  • You can find us here
  • Student Oxford Debate Club
  • AGILE IT Student IT Project Management Club
  • AZS (Academic Sports Association)
  • International Students' Group (ISG)