Nice to see you again

The Dean’s Office is a place you will visit relatively often. Some of you may have heard horror stories and urban legends about university registrars. Do not worry, they are certainly not true about WSB University’s officers. Our services are efficient and friendly – the staff is pleased to help you with any matter concerning your study. 
Each degree program has a dedicated officer, so you will know exactly whom to contact with your questions or problems. 
We are here for you.

How can we help?

At the office’s, you can e.g.: 

  • pick up or renew your Student ID Card
  • update your personal details 
  • request a certificate of higher education student status
  • apply for grants and scholarships (whether needs- or merit-based) 
  • file applications with Dean or Vice Dean 

What can you do online?

We value your time, so most application forms (e.g. those used when requesting an extension of exam deadline or applying for an individual study plan) can be downloaded from the Extranet. Many applications can be also filed online. 
The following services can be requested online:

  • change of your thesis adviser 
  • change of your group assignments
  • change of your study major/specialization
  • permission to retake a course or a semester
  • conditional admission to a subsequent term (where the previous term is credited conditional on a requirement to make up for a certain number of course credits missing)
  • Dean’s leave of absence (temporary suspension from class attendance or time off university)
  • certificate of higher education student status.

Where can you find us?

Building A
Grand-floor- room nr 007
Aleja Grunwaldzka 238A
80-266 Gdańsk
tel. (58) 350 20 70
fax (58) 522 75 23