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  • knowledge and use of compilers and compilation techniques
  • understanding of programming language syntax and programming language semantics
  • programming at the operating system level
  • firm grasp of distributed programming and cloud processing
  • ability to develop complex business applications in network environments
  • training and certification in the use of modern programming languages and environments
Excellent career prospects
Partnering with industry leaders
Optional internationally recognized certificates

Jobs for you:

Java Software Engineer
C++ Programmer/Designer/Developer
.NET Programmer
PHP Programmer
Mobile Application Programmer
Software Engineer

Key program features

What will you learn?

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What else you should know:

  1. The WSB University has equipped its computer labs with the latest hardware and software including:
  • 157 computers and Wacom digitizers (graphics tablets)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud software
  • multimedia projectors
  • photo and video cameras and studio lighting.
  1. You can take Microsoft certification exams at many levels and at affordable prices.
  2. As part of your program, you have options to work with leading IT industry companies.
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