Your learning:

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  • you will find out how to settle transactions in stocks and other securities
  • you will be knowledgeable about valuation of financial instruments
  • you will understand how the investment fund market works
  • you will be trained in providing financial services to international companies
  • you will able to manage investment fund operations
practical placements with renowned companies
internationally recognized certificates
comprehensive learning
graduates highly demanded in the job market

Jobs for you:

provider of accounting and financial services to global firms
Polish divisions of multinational corporations
operating management of investment funds
unit trusts and other collective investment institutions
Polish firms with close international links
finance departments of global companies

What else you should know:

  • The curriculum seamlessly combines business studies with language learning. Most emphasis is placed on the understanding of English-language financial and accounting terms that are key to your capability of providing financial services to global customers. Your practical training is ensured by interactive seminars and classes that make up 60% of the workload.
  • Our students have ample opportunities to work placements and internships with major finance market players.
  • Students in the Finance and Accounting program can join the student science society “Profit” that offers opportunities to attend additional training events, workshops, seminars, and conferences as well as to take part in local and national student-led initiatives.
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