What is Erasmus+ about?



erasmusErasmus+ is an EU mobility program for education, training, youth and sport. Erasmus+ has opportunities for people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organizations in different countries. Erasmus gives students the chance to study, do a work placement in another European country during their time at university. Since 1987 when the program was established more than 4.4 million students have had a chance to do part of their studies or work placement abroad. More than 30 European countries are involved in the scheme.

To be eligible for Erasmus you must be a student of the university that participates in the program and have completed your first year. The advantage of the program is that you don’t have to pay extra tuition fees for the university you visit. Another great feature of Erasmus is that you can get a grant for your study or work placement.

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