The European Commission has awarded WSB University in Torun  the Erasmus + Charter. For students of the University this means the possibility of going abroad not only to study at a foreign institution but also to obtain work experience with a company or other institutions abroad. Within the framework of the Erasmus + exchange programme, foreign students also come to study at our University and the WSB University in Torun organizes faculty and administration staff exchanges.

Studying abroad is a central part of Erasmus+ and has been shown to have a positive effect on later job prospects. It is also a chance to improve language skills, gain self-confidence and independence and immerse yourself in a new culture.

WSB University in Torun  has entered into cooperation with over 26  partner universities from different EU countries i.e.: Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary. Each year scholarships are awarded to several dozen students and WSB University in Torun welcomes students and academic teachers from partner universities.