Erasmus + Programme in Gdansk 


EU charter


The European Commission has awarded WSB University in Gdańsk the Erasmus + Charter. For students of the School this means the possibility of going abroad not only to study at a foreign institution but also to obtain work experience with a company or other institution abroad . Within the framework of the Erasmus + exchange programme, foreign students also come to study at our University and the WSB University in Gdańsk organizes faculty and administration staff exchanges.

Mobility Projects in Higher Education comprise the following categories of activities:

  • Outgoing Polish students mobilities and mobilities of incoming students from Donor States for study periods lasting from three to twelve months within one academic year
  • Polish academic teachers mobilities to partner HEIs in Donor States and mobilities of academic teachers from Donor States coming to Poland to undertake teaching assignments for a period lasting from one day to six weeks. During one stay, one should perform minimum 8 hours of teaching;
  • Mobilities of Polish academic teachers and administrative staff to partner HEIs in Donor States
    and mobilities of academic teachers and administrative staff coming to Poland from Donor States
    for a period lasting from one day to six weeks, for the purpose of participation in job shadowing, seminars, training sessions, workshops and conferences aimed at upgrading their skills and broadening their knowledge of a subject

WSB University in Gdańsk has participated in the Erasmus + programme since 2006. During this time, the School has entered into cooperation with over 30 higher schools abroad from different EU countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark and UK. Each year scholarships are awarded to several dozen students and the School welcomes students and teachers from partner universities.

Benefits arising from going abroad for studies

  • Stand out in the job market – a great addition to your CV
  • Return more motivated, independent and confident
  • Get a grant and receive tuition fee support
  • It counts towards your degree –it’s not a gap year
  • Learn a range of life-skills not taught in the lecture theatre
  • Access a wider range of subject areas than in Poland
  • Improve your language skills
  • Gain an international network of friends
  • Discover a different culture, gain an international perspective and travel