What are you going to learn after choosing this major?

Metropolitan Logistics

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What will you learn by choosing the program?


  • Problems of the infrastructure transformation,
  • Globalization and entrepreneurship issues,
  • Management systems design in metropolitan areas,
  • Implementing new management concepts,
  • Virtual enterprise ideas.
Metropolitan Logistics

Job positions for you:

  • supervisory and management roles in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry,
  • Business Development Manager,
  • Logistics Project Manager,
  • running your own business,
  • enterprises in need of economic restructuring and transformation,
  • companies implementing new management concepts,
  • enterprises introducing modern marketing methods.

Key program features

  • Challenges in Urban Logistics,
  • Cooperation in Logistics and SCM,
  • Digitalization, Business Processes and New Business Models,
  • Green Shipping and Sustainable Logistics,
  • Data Analytics and Statistics in Information Systems.
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