What will you learn by choosing Logistics - Logistics Systems Engineering?

The recruitment for the program is no longer open.

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What will you learn by choosing the program?

  • The means of selecting suppliers and delivery volumes as well as managing inventory.
  • The principles of the functioning of enterprises within the supply chain.


  • The modes of employing Knowledge of distribution channels, including the functioning and role of distribution and logistics centers.
  • The modes of using modern IT tools to manage logistics processes in procurement and distribution.


specialization corresponding to the current requirements of the labour market
various study visits, workshops and conferences
modern equipment and software
ELSE certificated confirming knowledge

What will you learn in the course of your studies?

  • The modes of using logistic methods and techniques.
  • The methods of using modern IT tools used in enterprise logistics.
  • The techniques of defining logistics goals; identifying and solving logistic problems.
  • The modes of managing logistics processes and systems, warehouse and supply organization.
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