What do you gain by studying IT in business at WSB University?

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  • You will gain knowledge and engineering skills related to designing of IT systems; business applications; database technologies; e-business as well as broadly understood computerization of enterprises.
  • You will have classes with lecturers holding many years of experience in IT companies operating locally as well as transnationally.
  • The business and content partners collaborating with the Major include Atos IT Services; Nokia Corporation; Galactica; Sunrise Systems; Ivy Technology Poland and Project Management Institute.
  • Work placements and study visits are held in the largest IT companies.
  • You will be able to validate the acquired knowledge and skills by obtaining in the course of your studies international professional IT certificates.
  • You will participate in classes using IT tools that are used in enterprises.
  • While developing the specializations we offer to our potential students, we collaborate with business partners operating within the IT industry.

In the course of the studies you will gain knowledge on: 

  • employing the acquired knowledge on management, economics, and IT as well as gaining understanding within complementary areas
  • using dedicated computer software and putting it to practical purposes
  • applying knowledge on marketing in the IT industry.

What will you learn by choosing this specialization?

  • You will master the designing of mobile business apps based on wireless technologies.
  • You will leapplying the principles of the current functioning of contemporary enterprisesarn about designing and using modern interfaces of integrated information systems.
  • You will learn how to design and implement games for mobile devices.
  • You will learn how to implement mobile systems in enterprises.

Key program features

The program of study
The study program includes Major subjects carried out by all students, as well as all Specialization subjects, tailored individually to the field that you will choose.


  • Business and Presentation Graphics
  • Career Management and Communication in...
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