What do you gain by studying Management at WSB University?



  • You are choosing a field of study not available at other universities in the region.
  • You will gain knowledge on management and legal regulation fundamental for each manager.
  • We adjust the specialization program to the requirements of the labour market and consult it with the employers and our business partners in the region.
  • The classes are conducted by lecturers holding extensive practical experience – you will learn much beyond book knowledge.


Unique program among universities in region
Additional certificates
Experienced lecturers

What are you going to learn?

Contemporary concepts of business management.
The principles of making strategic decisions and their impact on the functioning of business entities.
The rules of administrative and civil proceedings as well as selected aspects of European law.
Additional certificates e.g. IPMA.

Key program features

SPECIALIZATION MODULE (shared on all specializations) – 643 h

  • Master’s seminar 50h
  • Selectable lectures 14h
  • Financial Reporting 12h
  • Financial Analysis 28h
  • Managerial Training 20h
  • Business plan 20h
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Law 10h
  • Professional Traineeship (8...
Show component courses

Specialization in International management and marketing

Additional program

  • Globalization and Global Corporations 14h
  • Global Marketing 16h
  • Modern Solutions in Marketing and Management 14h
  • Lean Management 16h
  • Instruments of Strategic Management in Enterprises 14h
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