WSB Chorzów

WSB University in Poznan Faculty in Chorzow
- business profile of programmes offered
- client oriented practical studies
-  study programmes meeting the needs of students at every career level

- close cooperation with the business environment

- focus on developing soft skills

- a wide range of extra activities to support students and graduates in the area of labour market

- practical and professional customer (student) service

Excellent facilities
- a spacious building situated at 29 Sportowa street in Chorzow

-  5,000 square meters of floor, the building accommodates a large number of multimedia-equipped classrooms, state-of-the-art labs and workrooms

- two new lecture halls, a caffeteria and a photocopy room

- the computerized Library along with a traditional reading room

The Faculty in Chorzow is located in a very attractive and dynamically developing region called Silesia.

Silesia Metropolis
- one of the key urban centres in the country, the first region in Poland to adopt a Regional Innovation Strategy

- integrating 14 largest cities in the Silesia and Zagłębie Regions
- 2 million inhabitants over a surface area of 1,200km2
- the best investment areas in Poland - the Katowice Special Economic Zone, a dense road network and the modern Katowice Airport
- the absorptive labour makret - almost 200,000 companies and businesses operate within the Metropolis
- good business infrastructure, highly-qualified human resources
- many cultural highlights - theatres, museums, philharmonic halls, galleries, clubs, numerous festivals, exhibitions and concerts
- a wide range of educational opportunities in almost every academic programme – 190 000 students, over 45 ooo graduates every year
-  located in the centre of the Upper Silesia Metropolis, in the Silesian Highlands
- annual events like Beer Festiwal or Chorzow Days
- Poland’s biggest funfair, a narrow gauge railway, a large sports stadium and a well-equipped planetarium
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