Who Trusted Us

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 “The best time to start your professional career is when you are still studying. This allows you to gain experiences which are bound to bear fruit in the future. What helped me find my job was the Careers Office. It was thanks to cooperating with the Careers Office that I started working as an intern in one of recognized Poznan banks.”

Paulina Wiśniewska


“I started working in a bank as teleoperations consultant already as an undergraduate student and have continued working and developing for 8 years. I am currently employed as Trade Marketing Manager. Studies at WSB not only prepared me to work in the banking sector, but also taught me to cooperate with people. As a student, I was active in the student government body and I encourage every young person to do the same.”

Konrad  Ludian


 “I am a copywriter in a branding agency where I prepare creative concepts for major brands and help smaller ones make it big. I do what I enjoy doing and I do it really well. I appreciate the time I spent learning at WSB and being part of the student Project Group. In addition to theory, I was taught a lot of practical skills which I now find useful in my everyday work.”

Magdalena Głaz


“I currently work at Credit-Suisse where I am one of the coordinators in a team responsible for Lean Transformation in banking processes. Studies at WSB helped me not only to gain useful knowledge, but also develop my interests through my activities in research clubs and student organizations. I started working already as a student and I can remember how important it was for me to find the faculty flexible and understanding.”

Tomasz  Narewski


“The time I spent studying at WSB marked a very active period in my life which translated into tangible professional success. As WSB student I created and managed Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators at WSB University in Wrocław. The Incubators where a place where over 20 people ran their companies. This is not all. I was a member of a Project Group in charge of organizing the most important events at the University. Even so, I still found the time to participate in the activities of the Student Experimental Club and the Konark Capital Markets Club. The University always gave me the green light to carry out even the most original projects. Every time WSB said “yes”, I grabbed the opportunity and set off on a new adventure. Today I pursue my passion as... WSB teacher so feel invited to my classes.”

Filip Głowacz


“Thanks to the good grades I got at high school, I started studying at WSB free of charge. All throughout my studies, I received the academic and sports scholarships because I opened a ballroom dance class and got students hooked on the beauty of dancing. WSB is a great school where you can combine your drive for knowledge with your hobby. Currently, I manage my own dance school called Luna in Lubin.”

Piotr  Bolesławski


“For me, WSB is a place where I got sound knowledge and met wonderful people.”

Beata Łasocha
graduate from WSB University


“As a graduate of the WSB University in Gdańsk, I am happy I could create and implement the project of student zones. This helped me expand my portfolio which will be an asset in my future career.”

Mateusz Migdal
graduate from WSB University


“The three years I spent at WSB were up very quickly. Looking back, I do not regret the decision I made. Studying at WSB was sheer pleasure. The University respected my time and equipped me with the knowledge I may now use in my professional life.”

Karol Niedbała
graduate from WSB University