Friendly and with a Practical Focus

20120314232408-bd02fff4.jpgWSB Universities are student-friendly business schools teaching key business competences needed to develop professional careers. In order to meet the expectations of the students as well as their present and future employers, WSB Universities focus on the  practical approach to teaching, transparent organization of the studies and student-friendly, helpful service offered to those who have not yet started working and those who reconcile their student and professional lives.

The practical approach to teaching at the WSB Univerities means that:

  • The offer of programs and specializations in high demand among employers is prepared based on a dynamic analysis of the situation in the labor market.
  • Study programs are developed following consultations with employers. Programs and specialization have their business partners. Alumni careers are systematically monitored.
  • Classes are run in an innovative and active way based on real-life business case studies thanks to which students develop the ability to set and achieve objectives, analyze data, make decisions, deliver presentations and argue their cases.
  • Professional practitioners are involved in the teaching of classes and deliver lectures.
  • Relations between faculty and students are developed based on openness and mutual respect contributing to the exchange of professional experiences.
  • Students are supported by the Careers Office in their attempts to find work. This is done through gathering job offers, career counseling, numerous trainings in labor market behavior as well as career expos.
  • Practical training and internships are organized professionally allowing students to gain valuable work experience.
  • The labor market and alumni careers are monitored in order to adapt the programs and additional offer so that they better reflect current employer needs.

Student-friendly service and organization of studies at WSB involves:

  • Planning classes for full-time, part-time and post-graduate studies in a way addressing the need to balance the requirements of professional and academic lives.
  • A unique Very Important Student Program offering discounts in tuition fees and activities to support the development of professional competences.
  • Adapting working hours of administrative units (Faculty Office, Library, Financial Service Department, Careers Office) to the needs of the students.
  • Ensuring that a lot of formalities related to the process of studying can be settled via the internet thanks to the internal communication system - the Extranet.
  • Supporting the teaching process through making instructional resources available in the electronic format and providing opportunities to communicate with faculty via Extranet and the Moodle platform.
  • Student service which is based on mutual respect, friendly, kind and focused on solving problems.
  • Continuous improvement of service through annual student satisfaction monitoring.

“I chose WSB because I heard that it is a foreigner-friendly university.  The opinion turned out to be true. I also found an interesting program very much linked to my career plans. I believe that thanks to my studies at WSB, I will gain practical knowledge which will make it easier for me to find my way in today’s labor market.”

Tomas Kukanauskas, Greece
Studying for a Bachelor degree