e-university - K.Okupniarek

Katarzyna Okupniarek
Second-year undergraduate student of Finance and Accounting
It is enough to look at my schedule to understand that WSB is definitely respectful of its students’ time - there are few “empt...

On-line university

For the convenience of its students, the University offers electronic access to many kinds of information, for example:

  • notifications about ordered books waiting in the library are sent by e-mail
  • Extranet allows students to consult their schedules as well as grades and credits from every corner of the world
  • instructional resources and course-related varia are available on the Moodle platform


WSB University offers free WiFi access. Students get individual access codes (logins) and passwords allowing them to connect to the Internet on University premises and surf the net without any limits.

Extranet – easy access to information

Extranet is a special on-line platform making the School is available to students 24 hours day, seven days a week. The platform enables access to curricula, grades, documents and updates.

Extranet is the place where students can find:

  • their study schedules
  • results of tests and exams
  • exam session dates
  • latest updates from all University departments
  • reminders of important deadlines
  • information about submitted applications and granted scholarships
  • documents regulating school life (rules of procedure, academic year plans, etc.)
  • current information about payments
  • letter specimens
  • standards of thesis writing