Language Courses

20120628154900-2e137699.jpgDiscuss business in foreign languages
Because of globalization and ever deeper internationalization of economies, it is absolutely necessary today to know at least one foreign language. 
Make sure you have this advantage by focusing on effective ways of learning a foreign language in addition to strictly business subjects.
WSB Universities offer foreign language courses through their Forward Language Centers. Experienced language teachers who can recognize the needs of their students as well as the practical nature of classes give everyone an opportunity to become a multilingual businessman without much trouble.

The services of the Forward Language Center are currently offered to students at WSB University in Gdańsk, Poznań, Toruń and Wrocław.  The Centre offers courses in as many as 6 languages. Our standard offer includes English and German whereas the expanded offer in Gdansk additionally covers Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. 
The courses are both general and specialized preparing students for Erasmus international exchanges and language competency tests.
The rich offer of the Forward Language Centre is addressed most of all to students of WSB Universities. However, it is also open to private individuals and companies.