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Bachelors Programs at WSB University in Gdańsk 


WSB University in Gdańsk offer and organisation is mainly addressed to persons connecting their education with their work. Apart from rankings and employers’ opinions, the target direction adopted by WSB University has also been appreciated by over 8 000 working students who gain their knowledge and experience here, every year.


All below faculties offered by WSB University in Gdańsk at 1st cycle studies - conducted in Polish:

1. Internal Security
2. Finance and Accounting
3. Information Technology
4. Logistics
5. Education Studies
6. International Relations
7. Tourism and Recreation  
8. Management
9. English Philology
10. Business Law
11. Business Psychology

Law - 5-years cycle program


Educational offer in English: 

Faculty: Management
Specialization: International Business and Finance 

Using English is currently one of the basic skills in business. This is why we propose a faculty where you will be able to combine getting knowledge and practical skills concerning the operation of companies with the extended education in English. This will help you save time and focus on getting experience.

Your knowledge and skills will include:

  • specialist vocabulary of finance, management and marketing
  • fluent use of business language
  • translation/interpretation and conducting negotiations with regard to cultural differences
  • handling documentation and correspondence in English
  • skilful execution of business negotiations with foreign business partners
  • development and preparation of marketing plans and promotional activities in foreign markets
  • knowledge of issues related to banking, finance and accounting.

Selected specialised subjects: project management, psychology of decision making, strategic management, introduction to business management, principles of marketing, international management.

Faculty: Finance and Accounting
Specialization: International Business Services

Tri-city is the residence of many companies offering international accounting and financial services. Requirements to meet in order to be employed in those companies, to name a few, include fluent English and knowledge of accounting and finance. International Financial Services specialisation provides the possibility of meeting the requirements of those employers.

Your knowledge and skills will include:

  • operation of investment funds market
  • providing financial services to foreign companies
  • operational servicing of investment funds
  • settlements of securities transactions
  • financial instruments appraisals

Selected specialised subjects: IT industry agreements, legal aspects of providing services electronically, international and European law of electronic trade, cybercrime, legal instruments of personal data protection, start-ups in IT industry.


Faculty: Information Technology
Specialization: Software Development

Software Development is a course of studies in English in programming. When commencing work on a programming project, one has to consider a few elements including needs analysis, modelling, software implementation and the elimination of errors. One should remember that each of the phases may be performed in one of multiple ways. Currently, programmers may use many specialist tools supporting the development of compiled applications and their management. The profession of a programmer remains the most sought after on the market and the language of programming is an international language.

Your knowledge and skills will include:

  • syntax and semantics of programming languages
  • compilation techniques
  • operational system level programming
  • dispersed and cloud programming
  • development of sophisticated business applications in the network environment

Selected specialised subjects: programming in Java, PHP programming, programming in C++, advanced mobile applications programming, embedded programming, advanced WEB technologies, advanced object oriented programming, software engineering.


Faculty: Management
Specialization: Tourism and hotel management

As the result of the development of the tourism market speaking English became one of the most important competences. In the long time perspective where the development trends in HoReCa sector and the market data talk about 8% growth of foreign tourists coming year on year, the ability of fluent communication in English is a key requirement to get a job with a very attractive remuneration.

Selected specialised subjects: organisation of business tourism, sales and marketing of tourist product, management in hotel industry.


We offer:

  • part-time or full - time undergraduate studies,
  • part- time : only weekends classes (Saturday-Sunday) – you have the opportunity to combine studies with the professional job,
  • the programes are fully delivered in English 

Fees and Admission Process

Parent’s/legal guardian’s (if the candidate is underage)