WSB University in Poznan Faculty in Chorzow

The Faculty in Chorzów delivers high quality Bachelor's Programmes  as well as Engineering Studies (both full-time and part-time courses).
Programme: ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• International Business
• Business Translation
• Business English Teaching
• Legal and Financial English
• European Studies
Programme : FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Banking and Financial Services
• Small and Medium Business Finance
• International Business
• Financial Services Outsourcing
• Public Finance and Taxation
• Corporate Accounts and Finance
Programme : INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (3,5-year Engineering Programme)
• Business Analytics
• Cloud Developer
• E-commerce
• Graphics in Business
• Smart Device Engineering
• Mobile Developer
• IT Implementation in Business
Programme : LAW IN BUSINESS (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Law and Finance
• Law and Management
• Law in Business Transactions
• Business Debt Security nad Collection
Programme : LOGISTICS (3,5-year Engineering Programme)
• IT in Logistics
• Trade Logistics and Distribution
• International Logistics and Shipping
• Logistics in Small and Medium Businesses
• Logistics in Organization
• Design and Operation of Logistics Systems
• Logistics Service Management
Programme: MANAGEMENT (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Managerial Economics
• Real Property Economics
• International Business
• Social Media in Business
• Sales Strategies and Techniques
• Business Management
• Human Resources Management
Programme: MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING (3,5-year Engineering Programme)
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Land Management Engineering
• Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management
• Production Process Management Engineering
• IT Project Management Engineering
• Environmental Management Engineering
• Construction Management Investment
Programme: NATIONAL SECURITY (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Information Security and Information Systems Security
• International Security and Terrorism Prevention
• Event Organization and Security
• Civilian Employee in Uniformed Services
• Security Service
• Information Security and Data Communication Systems
• Economic Intelligence and Counter-intelligence
• Public Safety Management and Crisis Management
Program: PEDAGOGICS (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Elderly Care and Rehabilitation
• Pedagogy and Human Psychology
• Pedagogy of Care and Education
• Social Rehabilitation Pedagogy and Social Prevention
• Special Needs Pedagogy
• Pre-School and Early Childhood Education
Program : PSYCHOLOGY IN BUSINESS (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Managerial Psychology
• Psychology of Negotiation and Mediation
• Positive Psychology
• Psychology of Skills Development in Organizations
• Psychology in Public Relations
• Sales Management Psychology
Program: TOURISM AND RECREATION (3-year Bachelor's  Programme)
• Hotel Industry
• Sports Management
• Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Tour Management and Guidance Services
• International Tourism
• Regional Tourism
• Mediterranean Tourism
• Health, Spa and Wellness Tourism
• Food Service Management and Dietetics
• Tourism Business Management

The language of instruction is Polish.