Business Administration

What is Business Administration studies (BA)?

  • full-time undergraduate studies at the Management degree course,
  • the programme is fully delivered in English providing students with a very good preparation for pursuing studies and internships abroad

Credits -  ECTS Credits

Length - 6 Semesters (3 years)
Program Curriculum 

Aims and benefits:

  • development of practical managerial, communication and business skills
  • opportunity to speak English at work (Business English)
  • ability to get along in an international business environment
  • ability to manage international projects

Why WSB University in Wrocław?

  • on-line student service
  • active teaching forms
  • small groups
  • e-learning support
  • career advisory
  • Semester Internship Program
  • Business Skills Meetings- classes with professionals from business and academic sector
  • ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), allowing participate in international student exchange freely
  • data bases, such as: EBSCO, Springer, Elsevier, Web of Science


“I was interested in studying abroad in a foreign language. So I came to WSB from Germany. I have acquired an in depth experience in favorable international opportunities that WSB offers. The BA program gives students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge on business know-how with a strong emphasis on professional perspective. As a student at WSB, you will find an up-to-date learning environment and you will take part in many international projects”.

Philipp Susło,
BA student from Germany

Support and supervision
The Centre for International Cooperation team takes special care  of our students   from abroad. We offer the full Student Service, assistance in international    projects and exchanges as well as adaptation support in Wrocław.
Moreover we cooperate with the Student’s Association WSB International, which is in charge of helping our foreign students to integrate. The Buddy System guarantee you the best start into your new student life at WSB!

We are a member of






Tuition fees and charged for BA

In the Management course, speciality in Business Administration- full- time studies- for students from Poland and foreign nationals studying on principles applicable to Polish citizens.



Number of instalments 12 instalments 10 instalments 2 instalments 1 instalment
Amount of instalment 470 zł 550 zł 2650 zł 5200 zł
Total payments in the year 5640 zł 5500 zł 5300 zł 5200 zł



The tuition fee for foreign nationals not studying on principles applicable to Polish citizens.

a) The amount of the tuition fee on the Management course with speciality in Business Administration (full- time) at the Faculty of Finance and Management in Wrocław amounts to the equivalence of 8500zł under the annual system payment. 
b) The annual fee is collected for the entire year in advance.  This is a payment under the guaranteed fixed tuition fee system. 
c) Promotion does not apply to the tuition fee. 
d) The admission fee amounts to 400zł .
e) The administration fee (non-refundable) for foreign nationals not studying on principles applicable to Polish citizens, not enumerated in Art. 43 point 2 of the Law on Higher Education amounts to euro 100 and is payable Upon submission of the admission documents.
f) All foreign nationals pay additional fees for studies in accordance with the Payment Rules.
g) Foreign nationals pay fees for studies (including an administration fee) into a bank account of the University calculated into Polish zlotys according to the exchange rate of euro of the National Bank of Poland on the day admissions begin i.e. 1st April 2017.

Admissions Dates & Deadlines for 2017

Semester Academic year Deadline for Admissions
Fall Semester 2017/2018 30th of September 2017


Application Procedure
If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us.

  • Admission Office

ul. Fabryczna 29-31 (b. A, room 234)
53-609 Wrocław, Poland
phone: + 48 71 376 23 68
mobile: +48 660 506 805

Required documents:

Having saved the document online, it is sent back to the applicant by e-mail. It can also be downloaded from  from the Admission and Documents mark.


  • 2 x colour photos  (compliant with requirements for identity cards:  45x35 mm)
  • Copy of a maturity certificate/ diploma affixed with apostille or legalised (an original copy for inspection)
  • Copy of translation of a maturity certificate/ diploma into Polish  Translated by a sworn translator (an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy of a supplement to a maturity certificate/ diploma affixed with Apostille  or legalized (an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy of a translation into Polish of a supplement to a maturity certificate/ diploma  Translated by a sworn translator (an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy of a passport (an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy  of a visa (if there is one, an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy of a Residence Permit (if there is one, an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy  of a Polish Card (if there is one, an original copy for inspection)
  • Parental consent/consent of a legal guardian (in case of a candidate being under-age)
  • A photocopy  of an insurance policy with a translation into Polish or  the European Health Insurance Card (an insurance policy in case of an illness or accidents – if the applicant has one. If there’s no policy/ Card/ a statement about joining the National Health Fund)
  • A photocopy of a doctor’s certificate including its translation into Polish Confirming the lack of contraindications to start studies (an original copy for inspection)
  • A photocopy of a certificate of completing a Polish course  (an original copy for inspection. If the applicant doesn’t have a certificate he/she will be interviewed by the Dean)
  • A photocopy  of a certificate of proficiency in English* (in case of studies in English, an original copy for inspection)
  • Certificate of applying for recognition/recognition (if required)
  • Confirmation of paying administration and admission fees (the admission fee is not paid when there’s zł 0 promotion)
  • Copy of the marriage certificate or administrative decision (In case of change of name)

Familiarize with admissions principles for students with a foreign diploma and foreigners

Admission to undergraduate studies at the Management Program with speciality in Business Administration may be sought by people who meet one of the following requirements:
a. at least a good grade in the English language on the maturity certificate (the so called old maturity exam) obtained from the maturity exam taken in Poland
b. obtained at least 60 % of points in the extended level of maturity exam in the English language
c. hold one of international certificates in English: TELC-B1, UCLES-PET, IELTS-40, TOEFL-50
d. obtained a maturity certificate from a school where classes were conducted in English
e. obtained a positive grade in command of English resulting from a qualification exam conducted by the Faculty Admissions Commission on the indicated date.

Familiarize with Rules of Studies.

WSB University in Wrocław / Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu
ul. Fabryczna 29-31
53-609 Wrocław, Poland