Graduate profile

WSB Universities put great emphasis on the kind of education that allows their students to acquire theoretical knowledge, first professional experiences as well as extra competences and social skills through soft and specialist training.


Source: The 2015 Brand Attributes Survey conducted by TEB Akademia Higher Education Development Center

Main qualities of WSB alumni:

  • Specialists in their discipline

Classes at WSB are conducted by well-known researchers and representatives of the finance, accounting, tourism and logistics sectors. In addition, our curricula are developed in cooperation with employers. This guarantees that WSB alumni have the knowledge and skills needed in the labor market.

  • Experienced practitioners

Most WSB students combine learning with their professional lives. During their studies, they improve their professional qualifications through internships and practical training in companies operating in program-related sectors. As a result, right after graduation, they already have some practical experience, know the reality of being employed and are better at adapting to labor market requirements.

  • People with great communication skills

WSB alumni understand the importance of communication for their professional success and can effectively use different communication tools and techniques. Students who are especially interested in developing these skills are offered such specializations as communication psychology and communication in business. They can also benefit from specialist training in communication.

  • People who are ready to cooperate

WSB students learn that group work is more effective than working alone. As classes are organized in the form of workshops and credit is earned by completing projects, they get many opportunities to test and improve their ability to work within a group.

  • People who know foreign languages

WSB curricula include learning foreign languages as part of regular courses as well as extra classes in the Forward Language Centre. In addition to English, students can also learn German, Spanish and Russian. The School makes it possible to obtain certificates such as TELC, FCE, CAE, ZD or ZMP to confirm language competence.

Employees on WSB alumni

Graduates of the Graphics and Multimedia in Business specialization will find jobs in the advertising sector where they can make their professional dreams come true. The market appreciates those who are versatile and can approach their work from different perspectives.

Kinga Religa, Director at Business Consulting